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Directorate of Government Examinations is an independent body functioning from Hyderabad City, A.P.State Capital

The office of the Directorate of Government Examinations conducts mainly SSC/OSSC examinations twice in a year and Vocational SSC examination once in a year. These are the the major examinations with a registration of 13.63 lakh candidates for Annual (March -2009) examinations and 3.1 lakh candidates for Advanced Supplementary Examiations( May / June -2009)

In addition to major SSC Examinations, other Minor Examinations conducted by this office are
01 1st Year D. Ed Public Examinations
02 2nd year D. Ed Public Examinations
03 Certificate in Library Sciences (C.Li.Sc) Examinations
04 Head Masters Accounts Test
05 Telugu Pandit Training Examinations
06 Urdu Pandit Training Examinations
07 Hindi Pandit Training Examinations
08 Professional Advancement Test for Teachers
09 National Talent Search Examinations
10 Technical TTC Examination
11 Technical Certificate Course Examination
12 National Means Cum Merit Scholarship Examinations.
The Examination work starts from Issue of Notification for remittance of Exam Fee and concludes on Publication of Results and Issue of Certificates to the Candidates.
In addition to Conduct of Examinations, the following other services are being delivered to the Public / Students.
1 Issue of Duplicate Certificates
2 Issue of Compartmental Pass Certificates
3 Issue of Memos, Age and Migration certificates
4 Corrections in Certificates
5 Verification of Genuineness of Certificates
6 Permission to Outside State / Country candidates
7 Age condonation certificates
8 Recounting of Marks
9 Reverification of values answer scripts and supply of xerox copies
(a) The following innovations have been made during the last few years.
    Issue of Prototype marks sheets to candidates.
Flashing the results on Cell Phones through SMS Service.
ICR Application forms (Intelligent Character Recognition) have been introduced replacing normal application forms for registering the candidates to the examination.
Issue of photo Hall Tickets curbing impersonation cases to maximum extent.
Director of Government Examinations, A.P., Hyderabad is pioneer in conducting Advanced Supplementary Examinations, in May-June every year i.e., after publication of March results to enable the passed candidates to join in 2 years intermediate course thus avoiding loss of one academic year.
The OMR forms introduced for scanning of marks replaced the old system of data entry of marks. This has quickened the process with increased accuracy.
OMR Bar Coding system is introduced in Examination system and implemented in all subjects to avoid disclosure of identity of answer book of particular candidate in the spot valuation.
Government has taken a decision to implement OMR Bar Coding system in all subjects from SSC Examinations, March 2010.
Government has taken decision for Issue of Xerox copies of valued answer scripts in First and Second Language subjects to the candidates on payment basis from the SSC Public Examinations March, 2010 on pilot basis.
Government is contemplating to introduce Grading System from SSC Examinations, March 2010 onwards.
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